Friday, March 22, 2013


You're character obviously has powers:
Small powers: (You can have three of these)
Moderate Telekenesis(Moving small objects with your mind)
Mild Empathetic manipulation(control emotions of others)
Lie Detection(Self Explanatory)
Plant Growth(make any plant grow at will)
Bone Spike Pertrusion(bones spikes that protrude from the body)

Medium Powers(two of these):
Elasticity(to stretch, deform, expand, and contract one's body)
Dream Manipulation(to manipulate the dreams of others)
Force-fields(to create and manipulate force-fields)
Healing(to heal others)
Illusion(alter the perceptions of others)
Memory Manipulation(to make an individual re-experience forgotten or past memories and to erase memories)

Large Powers(One of these):
Ability Absorption:to steal another's ability, rendering them temporarily powerless
Adoptive Muscle Memory: The ability to replicate any physical action after seeing it performed
Appearance Alteration: The ability to change the skin, hair, and vocal cords of another person
Aura Absorption: The ability to see auras and take the lives and powers of others

Large power: You're in unit 34
Medium powers: unit 23
Small powers: unit 12


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